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Chapter Two: Fish Fingers and Custard

Kanda stood outside her igloo home, handing some fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies to the little children in the village. Another elder, a man named Cornelius, stood looking out across the vast ice sheets surrounding Dasani. All of a sudden, he heard loud voices calling out from a far distance.
"Kanda Vodastrovsky!" began Cornelius, "Are those your grandkids?"
Kanda walked over to a telescope. She squinted her eyes, and through that tiny lens, saw the image of Katarina and Sven, carrying an unconscious boy on their backs, along with the fish from their trip. Also, an unusually large buffalo seemed to follow them.
"That's them!" Kanda exclaimed.
The two shivering children arrived with their new discovery. They appeared desperate and distressed.
"Granny," began Sven, "We need to see Cornelius."
Kanda motioned the two children toward the elderly man. They dropped the fish net next to their grandmother, almost as if they were in a rush.
"Cornelius!" exclaimed Katarina, "We need to talk to you. It's a matter of tribal importance."
The man turned toward the two children, standing dignified in his blue parka and horned helmet. "What is it, Sven and Katarina Hanseshiver, son and daughter of Chief Hans Hansenshiver?"
Katarina took a deep breath, "We found this boy," she began the story, holding Andy in her arms, "He says his name is Andy Breeze, and he seems to be a hip-hop dancer. Also, I just noticed this; he's got what looks to be a tattoo or birthmark on his wrist with lots of swirls and stuff. One looks like the symbol for ballet, which is also on my necklace."
"Really?!? Let me see that!" Cornelius was suddenly intrigued. He took out a pair of spectacles from a pocket in his parka, and lifted them to his eyes. With another hand, he took Andy's birthmarked wrist, and examined it. He saw four emblems on the wrist; the first one was a simple trio of spirals, the second was a circle containing three rolling spirals over three waves, the third resembled a trapezoidal stone with lines at the bottom and a spiral at the center, and the fourth appeared as a forked-tulip flame with a spiral at the base.
"Oh! Oh dear!" Cornelius face turned to shock. His eyes grew wide, and his mouth hung wide open.
"What is it?" Sven became scared.
"It's—it's the—" Cornelius stuttered, "The Fifth…Element."

And at that moment, the old man fainted.

Katarina stepped inside her igloo, only to find Andy putting on his hoodie, which had a spiral trio in the back. He then proceeded towards the refrigerator.

"Ah! Just what I needed!" exclaimed Andy, "An apple!"

The young hip-hop dancer sank his teeth into the crisp, yet juicy, red fruit. However, he immediately spit it right out in disgust.

"Blech!" exclaimed Andy, "That was the most repulsive thing I've ever eaten! Do you have anything else? Maybe try and fry something?"

Katarina quickly pulled out a packet of bacon from the fridge, and threw it into a frying pan. She turned on the stove, tossed some butter in the pan, and got a fork to flip the bacon. After that, the girl reached for the icy igloo cabinet and pulled out a blue plate that had crescents and waves decorating it. She threw the bacon onto the plate frantically, so as not to burn herself.

"How about that?" Katarina asked, with a hopeful look on her face.

"Hmm…" Andy thought as he chewed the grease-laden meat slabs, "Still not appetizing."

Katarina ran to the fridge again. This time, she grabbed a big tub of cloudberry yogurt, and pulled out a spoon from a compartment to give to the starving boy. She also went though the other cabinets, and grabbed a bag of M&M's, peanut butter cookies, and even Ritz™ crackers. Andy tried each of these foods, but none suited his tastes.

"Don't you have anything good around here?!" Andy shouted in exasperation.

Katarina sighed and rolled her eyes as she watched Andy get up to rummage the fridge again. This time, he found something that seemed to have caught his attention.

"A-ha! I know what'll fill me up!" Andy exclaimed delightfully, his eyes glaring into the fridge.

"Fish fingers and custard?!?!?" Katarina felt a strange mix of disgust and confusion as she watched Andy dip the warm, tender, and flaky fish sticks into the gooey and overpoweringly sweet yellow custard, then inserting the "concoction" into his mouth and savoring every morsel of it.

"Mmm-hmm!" Andy was satisfied with his snack, "This did the trick."

"Hey Kat!" Sven entered the igloo; a cookie in his mouth, "Granny just made some sugar cookies. They're pretty warm and oven-fresh."

Katarina stood up. "Since you're happy with your snack, I'm gonna get myself a little something," she told Andy, "Stay put."

Katarina walked outside of the igloo, and picked up a warm sugar cookie off a cookie sheet her grandmother was holding.

"Thanks a lot Granny," Katarina answered, "Your cookies always manage to keep us and the kids happy."

"You're very welcome, dear," Kanda replied, "Now I gotta get back in the kitchen and make some more!"

"Really?" Katarina was puzzled, "We don't want to spoil the children's dinner, and we don't have any company coming from Aquafina or anything like that."

"Not from up north," Kanda began to explain, "But there's a nice big ol' navy ship in the distance, and it looks like their headed for little ol' Dasani, and I'd like to give them a warm welcome with my cookies. Also, are those tacos I smell?"

Katarina's confusion suddenly turned to worry and panic. She knew what navy ships with the scent of tacos meant, and it wasn't good news at all.

"Sven! Sven!" Katarina yelled, running towards her brother.

"What is it?!" Sven's face began to fall as he turned to his sister.

Katarina stood there, trying to calm her nerves. As soon as she was able to collect herself, she uttered, "Sound the fire alarm. This is not a drill."
Chapter Two of AirHeads!: Book One.

There are two pop culture parodies hidden in here. To give you a hint, one is a movie with Bruce Willis, and the other is a famous science fiction show in Great Britain.

Hope you guys like. Chapter Three is in the works!

AirHeads! of me
The amazing show that inspired it Mike Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko
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I've left the print story behind, actually, leaving it to my drawing to tell the story of AirHeads!. I may pick it up someday again, but right now, I'm focused on writing a story titled "Michael and James, Energy Harvesters!!", which you can find on Maybe someday in the future...
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You're welcome.
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